Types of Business Partner Oppurtunities

Print, Frame and Art Dealers
Make Canvas Prints part of your store. Competitive pricing for high quality canvas wraps. No inventory required.
Promotional Product Distributors
Make canvas wraps part of your everyday offering.
  • 1. Decorate your customer’s office.
  • 2. Set up high end signage.
  • 3. Sell as awards and closing gifts.
  • 4. Ability to show customers custom products using our website.
  • 5. School and College fundraisers
  • 6. Senior class group photos. Canvas for each member.
  • 7. Customize canvas wraps with text or logos.
Professional and Aspiring Photographers
Sell your photography using our unique “beauty shots” on our website . You can help your customer visualize what your photography will look like on their wall.
Gift and Retail Stores
Sell your favorite local landscape or places of interest to your retail customers. Just load that image into our site. No large inventory.
College and School Bookstores
Sell pictures of the school to parents , students and alumni. Great alumni fundraiser.
Graphic Designers
Add another whole new medium that will create a great income source.
Interior Decorators
Add another great product for decorating home or office.
Ski, Golf or Resort Destinations

Promote your local landscapes and places of interest with our high quality canvas prints.

Use canvas wraps for awards and tournament prizes. Great product for member recognition.