Brand image says everything about a business. Using custom canvas wall art to decorate your space is a perfect way to showcase your business’ personality in a one-of-a-kind way. Business decor is the first impression to your guests, clients, and employees. Make your wall art work in your favor.



The hospitality industry is all about making people feel at home. Custom canvas art is a simple way to create warm, inviting art that is as unique as your business. Whether it be a restaurant, a lobby, or hotel room, custom print canvases will bring art gallery ambiance to any interior space. Imagine a chef’s signature dish expertly blown up and printed on canvas as patrons eagerly enter your restaurant or a city’s nighttime skyline in a local boutique hotel welcoming overnight guests.


Education is an experience every person has in common. Bring school photography to life in school and university hallways. Commemorate important school events and alumni photos with custom print artwork from Canvas and Print. Memory fades but custom canvas prints do not. Display photography of a football championship win in the school lobby or a humorous School Spirit Week event in the hallways.


Maintaining office morale is key to a successful company just as making the right first impression to visiting guests is important for brand image. Custom canvas print artwork in your office space or front lobby is a chance to show off your company goals, attitude, and style! Imagine inspirational quotes in employee offices or canvas photo clusters of your building architecture greeting visitors as they arrive. The opportunity to create art as unique as your company is available thanks to Canvas and Print.